JUN10gabe handed out red cards for henry's first birthday. MAY10gabe abandoned better judgment to enter a logo contest (and lost, of course). APR10gabe represents columbus for cities x design. SEP09gabe visualized boiarsky's turn. MAY09gabe helped design henry's nursery. MAY09gabe wrote half of an epic post-postmodern alien abduction saga. FEB09gabe made a special valentine's day doubly so. JAN09gabe made a amateur soccer team look pro. DEC08gabe started a proletariat revolt in the name of the columbus crew. AUG08gabe opines irreverently on world soccer. JUN08gabe gave a mothers' group its identity. SEP07gabe designed the world's least obvious fashion brand. MAY07gabe clothed racers for the cure. DEC06gabe designed a book for drunkards with a sweet tooth. JUL06gabe mixed and graphed colorful mashup. NOV05gabe designed a poster for a movie that—plot twist—never happened. OCT05gabe merged 50s hollywood with 00s fashion for twist 27. FEB05gabe fought racism with skin color.